Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Snow Squall

Ah, the joys of playing with a new camera. The thrill of capturing one moment in time, just as you experienced it. That's always the goal of course but it's especially challenging when you're still learning where all the buttons and menus are! And then there are all the new features to try out. Fun, fun, fun! 

Here we have last evening's spring snow squall coming over Lake Michigan and bringing 50+ mph winds with it. It was frigid and wet but there was a big grin on my face right up until my hands went numb from the cold and I rushed back to the warmth of the car, lol! We got a nice little coating of snow from that squall but it melted soon after. Such is spring in Michigan!

Todays forecast is for temps near 60F and mostly sunny (still windy though). I'm off to shoot some flowers. 😊