Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Camera For Me

I meant to post this photo Friday evening, then yesterday, then earlier today. But honestly, I didn't turn my computer on until just now. That's how weekends go when you have beautiful summer-like weather, a great lake, a charming town, a photog friend, and a new camera! I'm feeling a bit like a child would a day after Christmas when the toys are still cool and you don't want to put them down.

The photo above is one of the first I took with my new camera on Friday evening. I didn't do any editing to it besides add my URL and optimize the resolution for the web. We'd gotten in town just minutes before sunset so I didn't have any time to read the manual or watch instructional videos. All I did was put the lens on the camera, insert a memory card and the battery, set the mode to "auto" (fully automatic) and I started shooting. It was a lovely sunset, as all Lake Michigan sunsets are, and I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face. I was now the proud and excited owner of a new Canon EOS 60D with a 18-200mm lens. Sigh. Grin. Giggle!

It always takes a while to get used to a new camera and this one is going to take me a little longer than usual to learn. It has more whistles and bells than my dear Rebel. But I'm up for the challenge! I read a bit of the manual over the weekend and have taken a good many pics, some of which you'll see here and on my other blog in the next few days.

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