Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This is Socrates, one of my daughter's cats. He's the passive, cuddly one. He's a real beauty, isn't he? The soft focus and vignette filters are from the new version (3.9) of Picasa. It's so fun to play with filters!

I have shamefully neglected my "Project 52 - Pets" project. I totally forgot about it. Looking back, I haven't posted a pet pic since Feb. 11. Yeesh! I'll have to see if I can make up for that somewhere along the line. ;-)


  1. Socrates is just beautiful! I love the filters . . . I have upgraded to 3.9 in Picasa, I heard that they had a lot of issues so I have been waiting but I just may have to get on with it! Wonderful photo, Jasia.

  2. I think he knows how awesome he is!

  3. Thank you, ladies. And he's just as sweet as he is pretty. :-)