Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paczki Day in Motown

We haven't seen much winter weather this season but Mother Nature decided to give us a good dose of it this morning. It moved in quickly and came down hard laying a quick blanket of snow on the ground and causing lots of accidents on area roadways. It sure is pretty though.

And of course we have to have a photo of those wonderful, tasty, calorie-laden goodies... pączki! I enjoyed these over the weekend and discovered a new flavor that has become my new favorite... cream cheese filled. Mmmm... so good! (It's the whole pączek behind the Bavarian Cream and Chocolate Cream ones in the foreground).

Happy Pączki Day!


  1. Love those things. And yes, my favorite filling is cream cheese.

  2. The snow sure is pretty, Jasia! I wish we would get some of that here. We took a day trip up into our mountains and had a little taste of snow but nothing like what your having.

    Those sure look good!!

  3. Oh yum! Do you get those in St Joe?

  4. Never mind, I missed "Motown" in the title ;)