Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stained Glass Window

Once again I bring you an interior view of Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Detroit. This window is so big I had to photograph it in two sections to be able to convey the awesome detail in it. You can get a feel for how big it is from looking at the person's head in shadow at the bottom of the photo. The window measures 60 feet high and 30 feet across and spans the south transept of the church (there is an equally awesome stained glass window of the same size with a different scene in the north transept window).

This window is called "The Holy Family". It was installed in 1893 and shows St. Joseph working in his carpenter's shop while Mary is weaving and Jesus is carrying a small cross. This window was created by the Detroit Stained Glass Works and won the main prize at the Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago.

I photographed this window with my Rebel and the 17-85mm lens at a focal length of 35mm. In Photoshop I cropped a bit of the black areas off the sides of these pictures, sharpened them with the Unsharp Mask tool, and burned some of the detail back in to the blown out areas of the windows. No color correction was necessary.


  1. Running out of descriptive terms, OOOO and AHHHH, and WOW, will have to suffice.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. The skill involved in making that - amazing!

  3. So, so beautiful, Jasia. The work and detail is amazing. So many of the older Catholic Church's are so beautiful and I have always loved being inside (I was brought up Roman Catholic). I didn't care for the modern day designs. Wonderful photos, Jasia.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I find photographing (old) churches to be challenging and rewarding. The architecture is just amazing!