Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Inspirational Tea

Yesterday I was invited to tea, hosted by a dear friend. :-) That in itself was enough to make me smile but as I sat at the table my smile turned to an all out grin. I was delighted to see the word "Hope" on my teacup and napkin. What a wonderfully inspirational word! I knew right away I had to grab my camera and get a shot of it. After all, "words" is one of my feature topics for this year of 2012. And I can't think of a better word to start off 2012 with.

This inspirational tea continued with the dessert plates.
Words of wisdom, "Love Never Fails". If I could have photographed the words of our conversation I would have done that too. There's nothing like tea with a good friend!

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  1. How lovely - a tea party with good company, tasty tea and good conversation. Who could ask for more!