Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Plan for Photography Gene

The new year of 2012 is here and with it comes a new focus for this blog. My Project 365 has ended and I'm moving forward with some different ideas I'd like to try out. I've given these ideas a good deal of thought and I feel pretty good about them. I expect some will work out better than others. But isn't that always the case?

Here, then, are my ideas and what you can expect to see on Photography Gene going forward.

Project 52 - Pets
The idea behind this concept is to post your best picture each week, on a given topic, for 52 weeks. I'm choosing the topic, "pets", and plan to share pics of not only my Josie, Vladi, and Kaj, but photos of any other pets I come across that photograph well.

How I Did It
I'm often curious, when I see a really cool photograph, how the photographer achieved that. And sometimes I look back on one of my own photographs and wonder, "how'd I get that effect?" So from time to time I'm going to post one of my photos or scrapbook pages and write about how I did it. This should be good for a laugh as my ineptitude will be revealed, lol! (I think you'll be surprised how often I revert to the "auto" setting and let the camera do all the work for me ;-)

No, not the World Wide Web! In this case the WWW stands for, Water, Weather, & Words. These are the 3 themes I'm choosing for 2012. While I reserve the right to post pics on any topic on my blog I will make a point of seeking out and sharing photos of water, weather, and words.

In Michigan you don't have go far to find water. You can't spit without hitting a lake, river, stream, pond, waterfall, fountain, or faucet. I have a real passion for photographing water. I love the colors, the patterns, and the reflections of it.

Michigan's weather is always interesting to me. We are a 4-season state and the weather provides plenty of good photo ops... fog, sunshine, rain, snow, clouds, wind... we have it all. I suspect this will prove to be the most challenging subject for me. While it's easy to find evidence of weather, it's not always easy to capture it happening in a photograph. But I'm gonna try!

Words. I like words. Words, and the letters that make them up, are my friends. I don't always think to photograph them but I'm hoping to change that this year. I'd like to incorporate more words in my photography... whether it is a photo of word, a word added to a photo, or a word made from photos, I plan to weave words and photography and hope to come up with some nice original images.

I'm hoping to post a few reviews that might be helpful to others... equipment, software, etc. I don't expect to do a lot of these but I would like to do some.

While I have lots of other ideas I'd like to work into my blog I'm going to stop with these 4. My biggest fear is that I'll over-commit and put pressure on myself. I really don't want to do that. I want this blog to be fun, just like photography is for me. And I want the timing of my posts to be natural, with no deadlines. I'll post pics as I take them and want to share them. The exception will be the Project 52. I'm going to try to have at least one pet pic on this blog each week.

Oh yeah, I'm probably going to change up the look of my blog too!

~ Jasia


  1. Sounds exciting, I'll be following, and learning!

  2. Chloe will be glad to pose for you, Jasia. Sounds like a great plan and I know you can achieve your goals.

  3. Sounds like we have a lot to look forward to!

  4. Thanks for your support, guys! Cheryl, tell Chloe I'll take her up on that offer!

  5. Jasia,

    As you know I'm one of your devoted 11 followers. ;-0 I may not have commented too often throughout the year, but I viewed every one of your posts - and they were all beautiful. I've mentioned to you that I've been thinking about a 365 project for some time but I never actually DO it, so I am super impressed that you kept it up for the whole year and had many great shots on varied subjects. I really look forward to what you propose for 2012. And maybe one of these days you'll inspire me to take a shot at it too!


  6. Jasia, Congratulations on completing 365 days of photography. It's no small accomplishment. I have thoroughly enjoyed your pictures, especially the lighthouse under all sorts of conditions.

    I've been wanting to do a Project 365 myself and after having yours appearing in my blog reader for a year, I've taken the plunge as well:

    I am so glad you are continuing on this year and look forward to your projects and themes!

  7. Congratulations on the 365 Project. I have just started (again) and decided that in addition to using the main website to record my photos that I would share them via