Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 326, Michigan Ornament

One Christmas tree is completely decorated. :-) This is the ornament I bought today at a local Christmas shop, supporting our local economy on "Small Business Saturday". It's Pure Michigan.


  1. OOO, that is a pretty thing isn't it??

  2. Very pretty, Jasia. Love the blue color. You are a bit ahead of me, I have the tree up and the lights on it, next, the ornaments. Looks like a tornado hit our house, stuff everywhere!

  3. Thank you, Carol. It was the perfect addition to my tree. :-)

    Gini, my tree stood for a week with just the lights on it before I got around to finishing it, lol! And my ornament/decorations storage boxes sat in the living room for 3 days after the tree was done. We meant to put them away but sooner but we just walked around them instead. They are put away now though and I'm happy to have the decorating done at one house. I guess I'll have to get started on the next tree soon. I'm not very motivated at this point.