Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 318, An Illuminating Evening

I could post this spectacular sunset pic and be satisfied with myself for the day. But oh that would be and injustice!

After Mother Nature's beautiful show over the lake, it was time to change location. For this was the evening of the city of St Joseph's annual Luminary Festival.
To start things off I'm going to post my DPS themed image for the week, "music". This lovely lady often plays her violin at events around town. It's such a lovely sound, the violin. And she plays well. (I'm so bad... I asked her permission to take her photograph but I forgot to ask her name. Shame on me!)

There were several hundred luminaries placed around town and most of them managed to stay lit in spite of the high winds. It was a charming setting with the light poles roped in garland and twinkling lights and the store windows all dressed for the holiday season.

There is a contest for best dressed store window. I wonder if this one will win? Kinda cute, isn't it?

It's a very popular event and there were throngs of people walking the streets and shopping the stores. There was Christmas music broadcast at the main intersection in town and free horse-drawn carriage rides were provided. Most of the store owners had free treats for patrons, cookies, punch, chili, cheese and crackers, brownies, and my favorite...

Chocolate martinis, courtesy of Eve's!

And if you're into people watching, there are always some interesting characters to be seen. These guys were having a ball hamming it up for the half dozen or so photogs taking their picture.

I'll end with a festive pic of my second favorite cafe in town, Cafe Tosi. They have very good food and pastries here!

It was a wonderful evening and I was able to get a bit more of my Christmas shopping done and take lots of fun photos. :-)

DPS Image: Music