Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 306, My Alma Mater

Day 2 of the new camera. Yesterday we headed east to downtown Detroit for early morning pictures. Today we went west to Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan... my alma mater. Mother Nature once again gifted me with a BEAUTIFUL day for taking photographs. Seriously blue skies and golden morning sunshine were the order of the day (OK, and it was freezing cold too!). I took many, many, pictures, most of which came out fantastic, but I can't put them all here in this post. So here are just a very few. Some are here for sentimental reasons, some for photographic.

The image above is here for sentimental reasons. This is a picture of the diag which is the center of campus. I walked through here every day for years going to and from classes. The thing is, it didn't look like this at all. As I remember it, there were no trees in the diag. Maybe one or two but it certainly wasn't the park-like setting I saw today. And look! The fall color seems to be at or near peak here on campus. An unexpected bonus!

Here we have the East Engine Arch. I had to pass through here on my way back to my dorm from the diag. Look at all that red color! Not only are the maples showing their red but the ivy on the building is bright red in spots too. I wish you could see the brilliant blue sky I saw when I took this picture but I was shooting into the sun and the camera (good as it is!) didn't capture it.

This is South University Street, my old stomping grounds. Most of the businesses have changed hands since the days I went to school at the U of M but there are a few I still remember.

This is the courtyard of the Ross School of Business. This is totally new since I went to Michigan. I included this photo just for the beautiful fall colors. Brilliant!

And speaking of fall colors... look at the beautiful red ivy on this Law Quad building. And the trees lining the street in front of it were various shades of yellow and gold. The sky really did look that deep a blue.

I had to include this picture just because it's so cool. This is the same building in reflection, in the glass "moat" in front of it.

Another building in the Law Quad. This is among the best fall color I saw all season. I really wasn't expecting to find it this late in the season but I was glad I did!

I had to include this one as my DPS theme photo for the week, "wind". It was quite breezy this morning (making those freezing temps all the more biting!)

This display marks the place where Candidate John F. Kennedy stood 3 weeks before the Presidential Election in 1960 and challenged University of Michigan students to volunteer to help others less fortunate around the world... and the Peace Corps was born.

Here's the Burton Memorial Clock Tower framed by a pair of lovely oak trees. Post card pic!

We ended the morning with Sunday Brunch at my all-time favorite restaurant, Amadeus, in downtown Ann Arbor.

We listened to this very talented lady play the piano while we enjoyed our meal. Which was...

My choice was the "Pierogi Breakfast". Doesn't it look absolutely divine? It was great!!! My choice of pierogi were, potato, sauerkraut, and mushroom. The eggs with scallions were light and fluffy. The salad was crisp and fresh. It was also served with fresh, warm rolls with butter and jam. PERFECT!

Now the weekend is over and from the sounds of it the beautiful picture-taking weather is too, at least for a few days. I can't complain though. I love my new camera and I had a ball going on the photo shoots with my dear husband who was a really good sport about getting up before sunrise both weekend days. What a guy!

DPS Image: Wind


  1. Love UofM, the color was great, especially this late in the season. Not that we will complain, eh??? Great photos and story line here.

  2. Enjoyed looking at and reading everything. But, although it is early Sunday, where are the people, does everybody sleep late?

  3. Thanks Carol!

    And thank you, Barbara. Sunday mornings are the best time to photograph architecture on college campuses because yes, everyone is sleeping in, lol! We even stopped in a local coffee shop and while it wasn't empty, we didn't have any difficulty finding a seat... something that wouldn't happen on a weekday morning. ;-)