Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 305, New Day, New Camera: Sunrise in the City

Up before the crack of dawn this morning to play with my new camera. :-) Hubby and I decided to head into Detroit to photograph the city waking up. We started at Hart Plaza capturing the World Headquarters of General Motors Corporation on the Detroit Riverfront.

Then we made our way over to Belle Isle because there are great photo ops there at every turn. We started at the southern tip overlooking the GM Headquarters, the Ambassador Bridge, and Casino Windsor.

And then we made our way to the northern tip where the Belle Isle Lighthouse stands. Walking up from the road, this is the view you get of the lighthouse. I love the quiet beauty of the morning light on it.

And of course the colors got bolder by the minute. There's something about lighthouses that really appeals to me. They are a beacon of light but they so often symbolize a beacon of hope as well.

Just beyond the lighthouse is a view of the Detroit River looking north towards Lake St. Clair. Here the sun is peaking out from behind a residential building on the Windsor side of the river. Good morning Detroit!

And just because I like lighthouses so much I'm going to share with you one more view of the lighthouse. This is from the sunny side. I love the tower and the fall foliage in the golden morning light.

This reflection of a factory in the pond by the lighthouse was just too good to pass up. It sums up Detroit... industrial and beautiful at the same time. Detroit has so much beauty that doesn't get showcased. It's a shame really. It's there to see if you just pause a moment and reflect.

Same pond, just a little to the north of the previous shot. This one has quite a different feel to it, not industrial at all. But you can still appreciate the still of the morning as the sun climbs higher.

A last look at the Detroit skyline and the Belle Isle Bridge.

Detroit, the old and the new. Unfortunately, more and more of the old is being torn down and left as empty land. Perhaps one day it will be redeveloped or repurposed into park land like Belle Isle, one of Detroit's true jewels.

I had a wonderful time playing with my new camera today. I took lots more pictures than what I've shown here of course. There's a learning curve with every new camera and it will take me some time to get used to this one (Canon, Rebel T3i). I got some great shots, some real duds, and lots in between. That's to be expected. Tomorrow's another day (hopefully the sun will be shining!) and I can't wait to capture it with my new camera!


  1. Looks like you feel right at home with your new camera, Jasia . . . photos came out beautiful! What a great time to be in the city capturing the sun rising.

  2. Great stuff, looks like you will be friends with this camera for a while! It takes great shots, ohhhh, that was you that took the great shots! Yes you did!

  3. Oh well done! These are great pictures.

  4. Beautiful photos. I'm sure you are loving your new camera. I love what you are producing. The first picture particularly stands out.