Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 297, Peak or Past Peak? That is the Question.

Oh what a glorious morning it was on the lake! I only had my point and shoot camera with me as I drove by but I just had to stop. I could see the mist rising off the water, and the soft morning light on what's left of the fall colors.

There was a stillness that was almost mystical... something very rare in the big city.

In this soft light of day it is almost impossible to take a bad picture. But there were more than just soft colors to behold...

Alas! The brilliant reds I've been searching for have finally come to play!

And the cool blue water and sky are the perfect compliment for the hot golden tones of autumn. I do believe that these are the last of the red hot autumn colors. Are we at peak or past peak? Many of the trees are bare now but there are still lovely pockets of color to admire.

If you get up close to Mother Nature's pallet, this is what you see... brilliant yellows, rich oranges, bright greens, and deep reds... and all with a backdrop of heavenly blues. Tis the best of your color show I'd say Mother dear. Thank you for another wonderful year.

And Mother, you aren't serious about the snow showers forecast for this evening, are you?

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