Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 280, Autumn in SE Michigan

I hear there's a few rainy days and colder weather coming in another day or so. This prolonged streak of warm, sunny weather sure has been nice but we knew it wouldn't last forever. I thought I'd take a quick drive around the neighborhood to see what fall colors I could catch. Here's Nankin Lake along Hines Drive.

Here's "the tree" in all it's glory. You know, the one you can count on to put on a brilliant show every year. This tree never disappoints. Actually, there are three maples in a row here along Hines Drive and they each put on a brilliant show. They each show peak color at a little different time. The third tree (mostly hidden by the two in front of it) is the first to go dramatic, then the first tree (which you can see up front), and lastly will be the the second tree which is only showing orange/red tips at the moment.

The third tree is past peak now. It still has all its leaves but the ones on the top half of the tree are dull and faded and will be falling soon... probably in a couple days when the winds and rain come a knockin'!


  1. Beautiful time of year, and gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Love it. Beautiful time of the year. We used to make trips to Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas to be able to enjoy a colorful fall. Not so much down here in Coastal Texas.

  3. Thank you both for your very kind remarks. I'll do my best to keep showing you our lovely color show!