Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 278, In Search of Fall Color

The day started off in St Joseph. I was enjoying my oatmeal (Mickey D's) by the lake when I spied a freighter coming in to port. I scrambled to make it down to the south pier in time to get some photos of the ship coming up the St Joseph River, with a little fall color to set the mood.

Of course I had to get a shot of the lighthouses with some autumn color too. Then, since it was the perfect early fall day to take a drive, I went off in search of fall color around the area. One of my first stops was Warren Dunes State Park where I found color of a different sort...

One doesn't typically think of beach umbrellas when looking for fall color in Michigan but there they are! The weather was really nice for being on the beach. The air temp was in the low 80s with full sun.

The water temps were in the low to mid 60s. That's a little too chilly to tempt me to get in the big lake but there were several people along the beach that chose to take a dip.

Then I took a drive down to New Buffalo and then across US-12 to Niles. This is the St Joseph Riverfront in downtown Niles. It was lovely. After that it was time to head back.

This is a good example of the fall color show in southwest Michigan at the present time. There is a good amount of yellows and golds, not much in the way of reds. I was surprised at how many sections were past peak already with lots of bare tree limbs.

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  1. The lighthouse photo! WINNER!!!!!!!!! Love em all of course, but that one is over the top.