Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 277, Butterfly Love?

It was a lovely day at the Sarett Nature Center. The Butterfly House was a popular place... especially for those of us with cameras. I came across these two butterflies who were locked in an embrace, thrashing to a fro, for the longest time. I assumed they were mating but once they separated I was able to determine that they were different species of butterflies (Monarch & Queen). So maybe they were fighting?

I was quite surprised (and disappointed) to discover that most of the trees on the Sarett grounds were past peak in their color show.

 There were still some trees with leaves but it sure looked like most of them had dropped their leaves already. Of the trees that still had leaves, yellows, greens, and browns were the prominent colors.

The nature center guide was able to point us to a trail with a bit of red and orange foliage but this was the best we could find.

All in all it was a great day to be outdoors hiking around the Sarett's nature trails. And the Butterfly House was fabulous. I think I was able to photograph about 10 different species of butterflies... all lovely!

DPS Image: Colors

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  1. Your photos are amazing, Jasia! Maybe the butterflies are creating a new breed!?! They sure are pretty . . . just have a thing for those butterflies . . . thank you for sharing such lovely photos.