Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 261, Last Day of Summer

They're not ALL gone. I saw this butterfly on the bush and couldn't resist taking its picture this last day of summer. I thought perhaps I'd seen the last of the butterflies but this Monarch surprised me. What better way to photograph the end summer than with a butterfly pic!

This zoomed out pic shows how few blooms are left on the butterfly bush. There's not much left for this guy to eat so I hope he gets his fill.


  1. That means it's the first say of spring for us, of course, and it feels like it today. The daffodils, tulips and flowering cherries are all out. Your Buddleia looks past its best - ours, which is aomething of an invasive species here, is yet to show any signs of flowering. I haven't seen any Monarch butterflies yet, either, but no doubt they'll be here soon. Thanks for the photos.

  2. What a lovely picture you paint with your words, Brett. I wish I was down under to see those beautiful spring flowers! I hope the Monarchs come your way soon. Maybe then you can photograph them and share the pics for me to see and appreciate!

  3. Jasia, your monarch photo is GREAT!!!