Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 245, This Week in My Garden

No bright sunny pics this day. We never saw the sun. But the overcast skies make for  even lighting and nice true (not over saturated) colors on the flowers.

As you can see, the bright and light pink shrub roses are still showing lots of blooms.

The day lilies are still lilly-ing.

The butterfly bush is still blooming but there were no butterflies visiting today. I wonder if they have left for warmer climes. There is a bee of some sort near the top of the bloom.

The pink and purple Rose of Sharon bushes still have lots of blooms and look lovely.
I've come to love these bushes. I don't know why I never planted any. Thank goodness my neighbor did!

My rose bushes look kinda like I feel at the end of summer, a little withered but still hanging in there.

Even with aging blossoms they have a beauty about them.

Last week I thought for sure I'd see full blooms on this plant by this week but no, not yet. I don't have any fall flowers planted in my yard so when all these flowers of summer go, that's it for my garden for this year. I suspect I may have seen the last of the butterflies for this year too. I saw a lot of them flying out into Lake Michigan over the weekend. I presume they were heading for a warm place for winter.

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  1. Lilies are still lilly-ing, I'll have to remember that. Colors are most vivid, I think, on days like today. (We are cloudy and rainy here, but I didn't go out to take photos, should have tho.)