Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 244, The Winds of November Came Early

When summer came to an end, autumn came in on near gale force winds. If yesterday was a stark contrast to the previous two days in the 90s, today was a shock. Temps never made it out of the 60s and there were 25-35mph winds all day. While winds this strong aren't uncommon on Lake Michigan, they are uncommon during the summer and early fall. They are much more typical of late fall, winter, and early spring. Waves were 10-14ft all day creating a dangerous environment for swimmers, hence the rip current warning.

The winds made awesome waves and the cool temps made awesome clouds. The sun peeked through often making it a phenomenal day for taking pictures. I took over 400, most would make a suitable magazine cover or postcard. It was hard to take a bad picture.

It was tough to choose a handful of pics to feature here so I opted to choose just two, one from each of the two photo shoots I went on. The picture above was taken from Tiscornia Beach in St Joseph, Michigan. It gives a good feel for the size of the waves, the force of the wind, and the bright contrasts of color provided by the sun. The picture below was taken from Silver Beach in St Joe. It's amazing how many people come "out of the woodwork" to play on the waves when the surf's up. These three guys were kite boarding and I caught 2 of them in mid air. Be sure to click on the image to see it larger and get the full impact. They were exciting to watch!

I had a four-day Labor Day weekend and all 4 days provided great photo ops. I hate to see the summer go but I got the best of it in pics and that makes me a very happy girl. :-)


  1. Your first photo is too perfect to be real. Amazing waves and shot.

  2. Thank you so much, Barbara! Believe it or not, all my pictures from yesterday look this good. It was just one of those rare days when all the elements of nature came together well and I was in the spot to capture it with my camera. It was beyond fun!

  3. Agree with Barbara, that first photo is beyond great!