Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 216, This Week in My Garden... Flowers, a Butterfly, and a Kitty

On my way down the steps to the garden I came across this little kitty. She's a regular in the neighborhood, very friendly. I have no idea who she belongs to or if she's a stray (or a he ;-) .

I first took a stroll by the roses and found this little beauty.

And this one. Not a lot of rose blooms right now but they are still lovely.

Next up was a stroll by the butterfly bush. Look who's here! It's a Red Spotted Purple Brushfoot!

Look at the beautiful blue color on that baby... wish I'd had my longer lens on the camera. These 2 pictures were cropped images.

Once the pretty blue butterfly took off I headed over to the only other color in my backyard right now, the purple Rose of Sharon...

And the pink.

There's rain on the way and cooler weather in the forecast. I'm thinking the residents of my garden will appreciate that!


  1. They are all so beautiful, Jasia! I love the butterfly, very pretty.

  2. I've really enjoyed all of the butterflies.