Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 237, This Week in My Garden

What am I going to do when the summer is over and my garden isn't blooming anymore? I can't even imagine what I'll post on Mondays, lol!
The garden has gotten a second wind and is in full bloom this week. These soft and deep pink shrub roses have lots of blossoms.
There were a variety of winged creatures who stopped by to visit. The butterfly bush was a very busy place...
These 2 butterflies were happily sipping nectar and along came Mr. Bee. The bee didn't seem to bother them. They just moved aside and went back to their business.
There were several daylilies blooming today.
And this plant is just beginning to flower. It's had flower buds for a couple weeks now and I've been waiting for them to open.
Oh my, the roses are really putting on a show! Here's Tropicana...
...the Peace rose (that was only a bud last week)...
...and the deep red, very fragrant, Abraham Lincoln.
After several days of no butterflies it was nice to see this Tiger Swallowtail come to visit.
There is still lots of color from the Rose of Sharon bushes, both the purple...
...and the pink!
I was just delighted to spot a Monarch on the butterfly bush. The little bugger wouldn't open his wings though.
There were finches at the neighbor's feeder. They are quite shy and spook easily.

This item is in my garden year round but I thought it was time to feature it. I'm sad to think that the growing, blooming, and butterfly season is almost over but I am excited that the college football season begins this week.


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