Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 235, Freighters and Feet

This freighter was leaving port (backing out) and heading north on Lake Michigan.
I can't decide which of these two should be my picture of the day. I like them both. Do you have a preference?

Oh, and here's my DPS theme pic for the week. The theme is "defeat" but this is the best I could do...


  1. I like them both but I think I like the top one with the big ship in the background a tad bit better. I love your version of 'defeat' theme. I'm on day 236 of my project365 and some days it's tough coming up with a photo idea.

  2. Thank you, KBC. I appreciate the feedback.

    I know what you mean about having a tough time coming up with good photo ideas. That happens to me too. It's fairly easy for me to come up with photo ideas now in the summer but it wasn't last winter or in the spring. I must admit I'm happy to be past the halfway point of the 365 project. I think when it's done I'm going to do a "Project 52" next.