Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 230, This Week In My Garden

I took a walk around the garden and saw that the pink and purple Rose of Sharon bushes are still blooming. They are such happy bushes. :-)
A few daylilies have bloomed. It's nice to see their perky yellow faces once again!
And the roses are making a come back! :-D
The deep pink and baby pink bush roses are showing their lovely colors.
And the ever lovely Peace rose has several beautiful blooms. But where was the Peace rose last week when the DPS theme was "peace", lol?

I saw both a Monarch and a Tiger Swallowtail on the butterfly bush earlier but when I came out with my camera they flew away. :-( I did photograph a couple butterflies on the bush though. These guys aren't as big or showy but they deserve to have their moment on the 'net too. The white guy...
...and the brown guy. This brown guy and his mates have been seen on the bush quite often but it was the first time I've see the white guy.
The yard still has some good spots of summer color. Hopefully it will be a long while yet before the fall color takes over!

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