Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 227, World Photography Day

In honor of World Photography Day I spent the day outdoors taking pics. That's one of my favorite ways to spend a day! You don't need to ask me twice. ;-) My day started in South Haven, Michigan and ended in St Joseph, Michigan. I took 319 pictures in hopes that I'd have a dozen or so good enough (by my judgement) to post to the World Photography Day web site. I didn't realize that I'd only be able to upload ONE photo, LOL! Just as well I didn't know that or I might have stopped shooting earlier in the day and that would have been a real shame.

As it turns out, I did get a dozen pics that I'm proud of. And since I can't share them all on the WPD website, I'll share them here.

The picture I shared on the WPD web site was one of my first pictures of the day. It was taken on the South Beach at South Haven, Michigan. I love the happy colors, the simplicity and serenity, and how it speaks of lazy, carefree summer mornings.

The next pic is of a marina along the Black River. Blue skies, blue water, white sailboats. Boating is big business in Michigan and this pic captures a marina morning... boats waiting for their skippers to get off work and take them out for a sail!

A stroll through the town of South Haven gave me the next series of pics. At the farmer's market you can see this lovely colorful mural. I was hoping someone would walk by so you could get perspective on the size of this mural. But that didn't happen and I couldn't wait around. It takes up the entire side of a building and the fruit images are luscious!

I like this picture for its out-of-placeness. I came across this Christmas tree inside the Blueberry Store on Phoenix Street. I shook my head and smiled. What else could I do? A Christmas tree in August? Really?

And along those same lines... this park bench seems out of place on this sloped patio. It looks like it was made to look inviting but you just know it can't be comfortable to sit on, lol!

Shop owners in South Haven sure know how to make their storefronts look interesting and welcoming. Don't you just want to take a walk down the planked walkway to see what's inside the doors? I love the colors and details.

After the nice stroll around town I headed to North Beach. That's where I saw this scene. The playfulness of the colorful swings, and in the background the children playing on the beach, really appealed to me.

I saw many lovely flowers this day but this one was my favorite. The rich pink color of this hibiscus was striking.

A trip to South Haven isn't complete without a picture of their deep red lighthouse.

Back in St Joseph, I ended the day with sunset-on-the-lake pictures. I say this all the time but it's true, every sunset is different on Lake Michigan. You never know how the atmospheric conditions will effect the setting sun over the lake. This evening it looked like it would be a pastel sunset, soft, warm, and calming... not a high drama sunset. Pretty.

But as the sun sank lower on the horizon, the lighting changed and became much deeper. Richer. Golden.

And then it became one of "those sunsets", when the sun became a deep red ball in the sky. They are not exactly rare but you'll only see a handful of them over the course of the summer. And it's tricky to capture in pictures. In most sunset pics the sun itself comes out like a white circle even while the sky around it is full of wonderful hues. But after trying a number of different settings and snapping quite a few pics, I was able to capture that red sun! It was something I've been waiting for all summer. :-)

It was the perfect ending to World Photography Day.

Oh, and here's my gallery page on the World Photography Day web site.


  1. I hope you had a fun day yesterday, it sure seems it. Thanks for sharing many excellent photos. I already signed up for 2012!

  2. Glorious day. Fitting that you got your dreamt of sunset photograph on this day.

  3. I love the array of colors, and the sunsets are wonderful . . . beautiful photos, Jasia!

  4. A beautiful day! Love all of the bright colors.