Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 223, This Week in My Garden

Today I had the telephoto lens on my camera just in case there were butterflies on the bush. I wasn't disappointed!
This Tiger Swallowtail was posing so nicely I just had to start with him. There's something very peaceful about a butterfly on a flower bush on a late summer day. But he wasn't the only one on the bush today.

There were these guys. First the butterfly in focus...

...and then the bee.

And this guy was there too.

The purple Rose of Sharon is still blooming nicely.

And so is the pink.

There are a few roses blooming, but just a few.

As I made it into the front yard I noticed the Pagoda Dogwood tree has berries on it. That's about it for this week except... I made my way back through the yard and past the butterfly bush again this guy called out to me, "take my picture one more time!" I couldn't refuse. He was sitting there so nicely. And then he gave me another handsome view of him so I had to grab that one too.

So that sums up this week in my garden... flowers 'n 'flies!

DPS Image: Peace


  1. I love these. When I grow up I want to take pictures like this too.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Jasia! I really need to get me a telephoto lens.