Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 221, Concours and Cloudbursts

The Krasl Art Center in St Joseph held its annual fundraiser today, the "Concours on the Bluff".

There were some truly amazing vehicles on display, many that I've never heard of.

I found myself saying, "they just don't build cars with character anymore" often throughout the day. I discovered new favorites...

...and old favorites, as I took in all that the Concours had to offer. It was a marvelous day and I took lots of pictures. My favorite pic from this event was of course a hood ornament (aka "mascot"). I'm very fond of them!

After spending a couple hours at the Concours and a couple more at a picnic with my neighbors, it was time for a trip to the beach. I had just enough time for a few minutes in the sun and a quick dip in the lake before the weather took a turn for the worse...

I ran for the car to grab my camera as the squall line approached. It looks surreal, doesn't it?

These folks were entertained by the awesomeness for a few minutes but then they ran for cover.

The birds took flight as the wind picked up and the sand from the beach began to blow all over the area.

I sat safely in my car and captured what I could with my camera. There's just nothing like the raw power of Mother Nature when she lets loose over Lake Michigan. Awesome!


  1. Thank you! It's quite eerie the way the lake appears green when the heavy clouds move in. And the clouds, well, they are truly ominous. The wind is so strong it will take your breath away and if you dare to speak or smile you will be trying to get the sand out of your mouth for the rest of the day. It's quite an experience!

  2. Wow! Truly awesome storm photos!!