Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 214, More Found Treasures

Today was spent finishing up the cleaning-the-attic project I started a couple months ago. There were just a few boxes of things brought down from the attic and left in the garage that I had to go through. And they produced a few more treasures from my childhood...
First we have the angel that graced the top of the Christmas tree all the years I was growing up. This was recovered from my mom's house after she died. It's not in good enough shape to keep and use but I was happy to photograph it for memory sake.

This is the wig I got for Christmas in 1970. It was cut into a new style somewhere along the line but it is in surprisingly good shape. I won't keep this item either but it was nice to photograph it one more time.

And here we have the toy sewing machine my oldest brother bought me for Christmas in 1962. I was even more surprised when I plugged it in and it still works!


  1. I love finding things from your childhood days. They seem so familiar even after not having seen them for years and years!

  2. Oh, that sewing machine. Makes me remember the one I got for Christmas, probably in the late 50's. We all were at my grandparents on Christmas Eve (their wedding anniversary) and in the course of the evening, my 2 oldest boy cousins broke my sewing machine. I was crushed. I'll have to tell them about that now, huh?