Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 202, This Week in My Garden

The lavender is still hanging on but it's past its peak.

There's a pink Rose of Sharon (thank you, Apple!) blooming in the neighbor's yard (and also in mine ;-) .

This is the largest bloom in my yard, a giant hibiscus.

My butterfly bush is still in the early stages of blooming. (No butterflies yet)

Most of my roses are pausing before blooming again, except for this little bush rose. It's still going to town with bright, beautiful blossoms. I think the heat wave we've been having is taking its toll on my garden.


  1. Loving your garden, Jasia!

  2. Thank you, Gini! My yard won't win any garden club awards but what I have makes me happy. :-)

  3. The heat certainly set my garden back. You have lots of pretty blooms. I love to see roses but gave up on having any of my own long ago.

  4. The roses do require lots of attention to maintain them. The years when I focus on them they do beautifully. Years when I'm not paying as much attention they have less to show. I wasn't sure what to expect from them this year because most of them were transplanted early in the spring to the side of my house that has constant sun but the soil is poor quality (lots of clay). The blooms aren't as abundant as some years and the bushes themselves are smaller, almost stunted. But the good news is that all of the bushes seem to have survived the transplanting!