Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 199, Beach Blessing

I love to photograph sunsets. I do it often. One of my favorite places to photograph a sunset is on Silver Beach in St Joseph, Michigan. It is here, on this beach, that I can most often and easily find a story in the sunset. And that's how I like photograph... finding the story.

Silver Beach is interesting because there is always a story there. Sometimes the story is in the sky colors at sunset, sometimes it's in the waves crashing on the shore. There are times when the story is all about the people in the lake... swimming, boating, surfing, or kite boarding. And there are times when the story is to be found while people-watching at the beach... children building sandcastles, young hard bodies playing beach volleyball, or an elderly couple sitting on a bench watching the sun go down while they hold hands.

So here is tonight's story.

Calm water, calm sky, a couple of boats anchored near the shore, and a group of young people being baptized in the waters of Lake Michigan.

For me, sunsets are a spiritual experience. But these folks have taken it to a whole other level. Peace be with you all.

DPS Image: Summer

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