Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 197, Beatin' the Heat in Motown

Today was a hot one! We got up to 96F today (4th day in a row over 90 degrees) and with the humidity figured in it felt like it was over 100F outside. There are rolling brown-outs around the metro area as DTE Energy struggles to keep up with the demand on the power grid. I thought I'd take a drive and see how my fellow Michiganders are coping with the heat here on the east side of the state.

Here's a family sitting along the shores of Newburgh Lake.

The geese were all staying in the shade. I'm surprised they weren't in the water.

This guy was kicked back enjoying a good book.

This fellow was fishing. I'm not sure how much luck he was having. He didn't pull anything in while I was there.

Some folks choose to catch a breeze anyway they can. There's a plane up there. See it?

This goldfinch was blending into the scenery and singin' his heart out.

It's kinda hard to see but at the base of the tree to the left there's a guy on a picnic table. If I were him I'd be gazing out at the golden glow of the setting sun on the deep blue lake.

But he had a different way of spending time at the lake! <grin>

Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter than today. I wonder how people will be coping then...

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