Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 183, The Halfway Point

As of today, I'm halfway through my 365 project. The image above (click on image to make larger), represents my blog posts to date. The blocks with text instead of an image are placeholders for images I directly uploaded and thus they don't appear in my Blogger photo album. These aren't all the images that appear on this blog, just one from each day.

It's interesting to look back on the last 6 month's images. Sometimes I feel like I photograph the same old subjects over and over again. But looking at this, I see that I don't. There is plenty of variety here. Lots of memories that's for sure. And over all I'd say it's a pretty good representation of my life, minus the people in it. With a couple exceptions, I've tried to steer clear of including family members in my photographs.

There are a couple things that are not natural for me when it comes to photography and this 365 project. 1) I typically photograph people on almost all my photo shoots. 2) I don't typically take pictures every day.

I may try to work in some people shots. It will give me a good challenge to find ways to include people without revealing their identity. I like that idea.

I'll probably continue with the daily photographs for the sake of the project but I doubt if I'll continue that pace when the year is up. Honestly, there are plenty of days when taking photos just doesn't occur to me. You'd think it would have become a habit by now but that's not the case. All too often I find myself walking around the house at 11pm trying to think of something to take a photograph of because I didn't think to pick up my camera during the day. And that's not going to make me a better photographer. I usually don't even like the photos I come up with under those circumstances but I post them anyway for the sake of the project.

I like to put more thought into my photography... plan my shots to tell a story. I do that once in a while now but I have no real commitment to do that. That's the sort of commitment that I think will make me a better photographer. I'm thinking that when this 365 project is up I'll try something different. I'm considering a "Project 52" where I go out on a planned photo shoot once a week, I take a series of shots, and I post them throughout the week. I could still end up with 365 photos at the end of the project but they'd be grouped by subject/style/theme. I have to give that idea some more thought but I think it might work better for me.

I also want to try playing with more filters, try more black and white shots, and maybe trying my hand at some HD photography. Stay tuned and see what I come up with in the next 6 months!

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