Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 167, Trash or Treasure?

This is a photograph of my paternal grandparents on their wedding day in 1906. It's a large photo, 11x14, and as you can see the glass from the frame is broken. I pulled it out of the attic as part of my de-cluttering project and I don't want to put it back in there. This photo is the only thing my father got from the family home after his parents died. I have the frame but it's broken too.

This photo was in the attic at my parent's house when they had the house fire back in 1958. The photo is stuck to the glass (in places). You can see some of the areas where the photo paper stuck to the glass when I tried to gently pull it away (< Here). The cardboard backing is water stained. The question is, what do I do with it?

Do I risk soaking it in water and hoping it will safely peel away once it's wet? And if so, how do I dry it so it won't warp? Would I be better off just pulling as much of the photo off the glass as I can and scrapping what's left with a razor blade and then  pasting the pieces back on the photograph? Any other suggestions?

I have photographed the photo so I have a digital image to work with. But I want to at least try to salvage the original photo before I just chuck it in the trash. I'd love to  put it in a new frame with new glass that's not so dingy. So how do I go about this? Anybody done this sort of photo salvation/restoration before? Advice please!

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