Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 159, Sunday in Saline

Took a drive out to Saline (Michigan) today. It was an unusually cool day and not a pleasant one for dining alfresco. These tables are in front of the Brecon Grille where we had lunch.
This was the "Herbed and Sundried Tomato Chicken" I enjoyed at the Grille. It was beautifully prepared and quite tasty. Yum!


  1. You were closing in on my neck of the woods. Ever eat cross the street at Mac's?? I have not dined at the Brecon Grille in ages, gotta say that does look delish! MMM YUMMERS.

  2. We peeked in the window at Mac's but they don't open until 4pm on Sundays and we were there at noon. The Brecon Grille was the only restaurant we could find open at that time. When will you be home? Maybe we could get together. :-)

  3. Not sure when we will be back, by fall?? Snicker! LOL Would love to have lunch in Saline. There are a few other places, but, probably not as nice as Brecon!