Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 158, Trash and Treasures

This weekend we started the massive task of cleaning/de-cluttering the attic and garage. We started with the garage and made enough space to use the area for staging all the boxes we brought down from the attic.
Going through the contents of the attic was like discovering a time capsule of technology. These were all empty boxes that were immediately designated for the trash pile.
Now these are absolute treasures! They will be kept and enjoyed for some time to come.
More antique technology... I'd almost forgotten what these looked like. Needless to say, I took a picture for fond remembrance and these too were added to the trash pile.
Oh, did this bowling ball bring back memories! I bowled my highest game ever with this ball... a 238. I had lots of fun times with friends back in the day when I used to bowl regularly. But, this is another day and time and this dear "treasure" was added to the donation pile.
Wow! We're really going back in time now! These large format floppy discs were once the THE technology of the day. Honestly, I don't miss them. ;-) They ended up in the trash pile too.
Well, the garbage collectors won't be happy when they get to our house this week. The donation pile, still inside the garage awaiting pickup, is just about the same size as this trash pile. I think the house is a lot happier with all this stuff gone. I know I am. :-)

I'm calling this my "garage and attic cleaning party" for the DPS Theme (party).

DPS Image: party

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  1. From the pile of bags it looks as if you made great progress! Good for you!