Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 127, Chicago Bound

Made a quick trip to Chicago. Here are a few pics from the morning drive in...
This is the truck from the Polish Market in Troy, Michigan headed for Chicago. No doubt it was making a pickup from a Polish importer in the Chicago area.
Rush hour traffic was awful. Chicago has Detroit beat on that score.
I like Maker's Mark very much but I never think of it as the Chicago Loop, lol!
I cringed when I saw these folks up in the air. Somebody has to tend to water towers... so glad it's not me!
 Quite the angry bull, eh? This guy satisfies my DPS theme for next week: Angry.
I think these gas prices are also enough to make one angry, lol! Yikes! And I thought prices were high in the Detroit area... Chicago definitely has us beat on this score too.

DPS Image: Angry

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  1. What a shock regarding your gas prices. We have been coming down, and yest. got some at $3.85. I would be very angry Jasia.