Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 123, Mother of Mine

There are many ways to remember your mother on Mother's Day. I spent this day before Mother's Day at the Detroit Public Library reading through 5 years of information about my mom's little corner of the world. I just recently learned of a small newspaper that was published on Detroit's west side from the end of 1930 till 1976. I started with the earliest editions of the paper and skimmed every one (weekly) through 1935. I'll have to make several more trips to the library to get through all of them that were published while she was living in Detroit (1952). What insight I gained from this little newspaper! I could have read the Detroit News or Detroit Free Press during the same time period but they are big city newspapers with not much space given to local neighborhood activities. This little paper was much more informative about her neighborhood in particular. I took this picture of the front page of the Mother's Day edition of The West Side Courier from 1934 with a poem to mothers featured on the page. It seemed like a fitting tribute to my mom and both of my grandmothers who lived on Detroit's west side.

DPS Image: Mother

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