Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 82, Effortless

Some days you really have to work to get a picture worth taking. And some days you really come up short. Then there are days like today when there's a "Canon moment" every time you turn around. First I came across this "Mystery Machine" when I ran into the grocery store. I haven't seen a paint job like this in years. Many years, lol!

And then on the way home I came across this guy riding his bicycle in a bright orange jump suit. Not something you see every day, lol!

I get home and download my photos and among them are some pics I took of Vladi yesterday. I'm previewing them on my computer and Vladi comes along to give me this great series of pics where he mimics the facial views...

I'm thinking, "I could never stage this", and keep clicking...

It just kept getting better and better!

Finally, Vladi leaned in at me and gave me the, OK-enough-with-the-camera look and I knew it was time to put the camera down and post the pictures.

What a day for pictures, eh? I should keep my camera handy for more opportunities... it isn't even noon yet. The day is still young!


  1. Your Vladi may make a cat lover out of me yet! Fabulous photos.

  2. Vladi has a keen sense of humor! Love the photos!

  3. Great photos, Jasia! I haven't seen that sort of paint job/van since the grandkids watched Scooby Doo! Sometimes your just in the right place at the right time. Vladi sure knows how to work the camera!