Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 63, Happy Pączki Day!

Smacznego! I hope you enjoy your day and enjoy at least one pączek today. Everybody is Polish on Pączki Day!


  1. Not fair! I am really drooling now! Can't find here, or, I did not look hard enough. Rats!

    That one looks YUMMY indeed.

    Love the beads, great photo! MMM, one of your best! LOL

  2. Thanks, Carol! No pączki where you're at, eh? That's truly a shame. I'd suggest you substitute a jelly doughnut from the local doughnut shop but there's really no substitute for pączki!

  3. None here that I know of too, Jasia...looks so good! I have never indulged in paczki! Too bad my Polish step-father and I are not speaking...I would have him get me some immediately!

  4. Yum! Looks good! I didn't even think about paczki. The grocery store near us carries them before Lent. I wonder if they'll still have some over the next couple of days. I probably shouldn't, but maybe I will...