Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 60, Gnarly, Dude!

Come on, confess. You dress your dog up too, right? Here's Kaj in his Eminem/Shaun White look. With "Burton" on the front he reminds you of a snowboarder but turn the hoodie inside out and voila!, you have his Eminem, This-is-Detroit-This-is-what-we-do look.

And today is a twofer since I didn't get my DPS theme picture posted yet this week.

DPS image: Vegetables ;-)


  1. Oh, Kaj, what are your parents doing to you? You sure are one docile doggie to allow this. Now you do know, Kaj, don't you that my Zoya would never stand for this. When are you coming to see me again, Kaj? The snow is almost gone in your play area here. You better come soon before the snow comes back.

  2. Love the Gnarly Dude. Too funny!! And the fries look pretty good too...

  3. Cute dude! He is a patient boy. What a good dog!

    My dog doesn't have any real outfits, but she does have a nice little collection of seasonal/holiday bandanas. Everytime I put a new one on her, my husband just rolls his eyes. I can't imagine why...