Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 59, Today I Was a Rock Star

Today I was a rock star. (Or as close to it as I'll ever get ;-).

I just have to share this with you because it was likely a once-in-a-lifetime event for me. I arrived at the PARI building this afternoon (the organizational headquarters I've been writing about on my other blog), walked inside and up the ramp, opened the door and... was greeted by a room full of people who burst into applause at the sight of me. I was totally caught off guard, dumb-founded really. I had no idea what was going on and immediately assumed I had walked in in the middle of a program or something and that everyone had been expecting someone of note to walk through the door. I know I must have had a stupid look on my face as I stood there trying to figure out how to make a graceful exit from this obviously erroneous situation. I smiled a little and nodded and stepped back shutting the door only to hear familiar voices calling me back in. Confused, I opened the door again and stood in amazement as these people continued to applaud while staring at ME!

My friend Ceil called out her thanks to me for writing the series and promoting PARI and then it finally clicked for me. These enthusiastic people were appreciating my writing. Wow, did I feel the love wash over me!

I think I've had a shit-eating-grin on my face all day. I've been thinking and thinking... trying to remember if I've ever in my life been given a round of applause for anything and to best of my knowledge, this was the one and only time I have. I think when I graduated from high school the audience was told to hold their applause until the end after everyone walked across the stage, and being applauded as part of a group doesn't really count. And I know there was no applause in church when I married. I'm certain there was no applauding individuals at my college graduation. I might have had some applause when the waitresses sang happy birthday to me in a restaurant one time but they were paid to do that so I don't think that counts either. No, I think this was a genuine first for me.

People like Ceil get applause all the time. She's a professional genealogist and speaker at conferences (a very good one!) so it probably happens for her every time she gives a presentation. But me, I've never been comfortable as the center of attention. I never seek it and my comfort zone is relegated to working quietly behind the scenes. So this whole scene has been playing over and over again in my mind all afternoon and evening. It obviously made a big impression on me. I'm very grateful to my friends at PARI for making me feel very special today. It was a little uncomfortable but very, very nice.

Now I know how a rock star feels when they walk on stage and the arena bursts into applause. It's pretty awesome.


  1. Cool. It's so nice that they acknowledged what you've been doing for them! Well deserved recognition. Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations Becky said, a very well deserved recognition.

  3. That's wonderful! I'm smiling for you tonight. You deserve it.

  4. Wow! Congratulations. The series you did was great and you deserved the applause. It's wonderful that they let you know that your efforts were truly appreciated.

  5. Jasia,
    Can you hear and see me? I'm applauding too – way over here in California! Congratulations, rock star. Can I have your autograph?

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I'm still smiling today whenever I think back on yesterday. I'm truly touched.