Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 48, Results of the Thunder Snow

It was supposed to be a couple inches of snow, followed by some freezing rain, rain, and a couple more inches of snow. Instead it became an all-snow event with thunder snow and a 10" snowfall. How many days till spring?


  1. Oh that is so sad, I feel your pain. Seems we got your 2" of snow instead. Spring is coming, someday.

  2. I hope my stick built got what you got, instead of what my friend 30 miles south of me got, 3/4 inch ice on the trees, limbs falling all night. She owns 2 story OLDER house, she slept on the floor on 1st floor, afraid of what the old pines might do. Neighbor's fence took the hit. Could have been much worse. SIGHH