Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 47, Thunder Snow!

I can't provide you with sound effects but I can share some visuals of what the snowfall rate looks like when a  storm is strong enough to produce thunder snow.

This picture with a slow shutter shows the snowflakes in motion.
Here's basically the same shot using my flash and a fast shutter speed, stopping the snowflakes in mid air.

Here's another view with the snowflakes in motion...
And this one stops some snowflakes and shows motion on others.

My son came over for dinner and here's a shot of his car as he was getting ready to leave.
Here he is brushing the snow off his rear windshield...
And here he is cleaning off a side window. Trying to get a closeup in this heavy snow was really comical!
He's backing down the driveway and into the street. Once he got into the street and was driving away I could barely see the car through the snow.

Thunder snow isn't exactly rare but it isn't frequent either. We hear cracks of thunder from snow storms maybe once every couple, or three years. However, this is the second thunder snow event this winter in our neighborhood. People have an odd reaction when they hear it because it's so unexpected... they clap and whoop and holler, especially people who are outside in the storm!


  1. OOOOO, love these, that 4th one is special, but so are the ones of your son.

    You must be using manual settings. I need to review that skill.

  2. Nice shots! I've never had the pleasure of experiencing thunder snow.

  3. Thanks, Carol and Becky! I've tried many times to capture the essence of a snow storm and it isn't easy to do. I have better luck with a series of pictures like the ones above. Any one of them alone wouldn't do the storm justice.

    I thought about you, Carol, when I posted this link to FB but I wasn't sure where in AZ you were right now. I saw on the news that the Flagstaff area got dumped on with snow too. I hope you're somewhere warm!

    Becky, I hope you're doing alright and are somewhere warm and peaceful tonight. I hope you get to experience thunder snow some day too. It's awesome!