Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 35, The Stark Contrasts of Winter

In order to get this picture (^), I had to get in to snow up to my knees.

Which gave me this picture (^) as my DPS theme of the week: Body Parts. Notice the snow clinging to my jeans? Brrr!

But I couldn't stop there because there's all this wonderful winter drama to be captured on a sunny day... blacks and whites and lots of angles.

And still waters reflecting the sky, the clouds, and the river banks.

And so I found myself following the stream in search of the best photo of this day. This one looked so promising with contrasts and symmetry, angles and patterns. But for all it's beauty it lacks story.

So this then becomes the picture of the day. It too has the contrasts, angles, and patterns but it also has the snow covered picnic table. It has a story to tell of a river in a park waiting for summer and people to stop for a visit and frolic along its shores. Sometimes one small element can make all the difference.

DPS image: Body Parts

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  1. By the way, I forgot to put the SD card back in my DSLR (Rebel) camera after I downloaded yesterday's pics. I discovered this when I got to the park and almost went back home to get it until I remembered the small point and shoot camera (Elph) I always carry in my purse. These photos were all take with the little Elph.