Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 30, After the Blizzard

I've got cabin fever! So, I grabbed my camera and set off on a photo shoot of after-the-blizzard photos. The sun came out this morning which made picture-taking all the nicer. :-) Here's my series of Michigan's winter wonderland...

The duck pond is all but frozen over.

Beautiful ice crystals on the branches.

Morning sun shining through the trees. 

It's a little too cold for swimming today. I know, what a bummer!

The sledding hill is open but the kids are all back in school.

Most of the Rouge River is frozen over but here and there you can still find a few pockets of water flowing.

Up close and frosty.

Nooks and crannies of ice and snow.

Good morning Mr. Squirrel!

Holy Mackrel! It's a squirrel convention!

One-room schoolhouse. Reflecting on the old days when kids would have had to walk to school in this frigid weather.

Still cleaning up!

It was a lovely morning to be out and about, cold, but lovely. For the most part, the roads are clear now and the kids are back in school. Officially, Mother Nature dropped 9" of snow on Metro Detroit in the "Ground Hog's Day Blizzard". I doubt if she's done with us either. There's still a lot of winter left even if that ole ground hog did forecast an early spring yesterday!


  1. Fabulous photos, it really is pretty when it is so pristine and white. They tell me down in my county, a bit south of you, they had about 10 inches, friend had 2 inches on one side of her house, 3 foot on the other! Ooops, Mr. Wind!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I'm glad that we've been int he 60's though. I'm actually enjoying a good rain tonight. :)

  3. Absolutely lovely images . . . I was planning to take the camera for a walk out in the pasture across the road this afternoon, but Riley was just so cute playing in the snow, I decided to safe the pasture in the snow photo-op until tomorrow . . . I especially like your icy branches . . .